Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tired Daddy Gaming

I am getting strange strange inspirations these days. 

Being a stay at home dad, full-time dad, what have you, my mind wanders quite a bit when my son is asleep or I am watching him play. My mind wanders while my body rests in bed, my strength only enough to surf the net or play the finger-loving Junk Jack. 

These days my mind craves a quick dungeon crawl. Something so basic that a checkmark means a horde of orcs. I want to work on a system that I can either do with a free finger on an iPhone, or with two thumbs on an iPad. 

And no I am not looking for an app that basically will play for me like Baldur’s Gate or something. No, a solo scratch pad solo-rpg. 

I call the intent simply, Tired Daddy Gaming, or Tired Daddy Crawl. I assure you, no child was harmed, neglected or ignored in this venture. I mostly run these experiments when he was taking a nap. Infact I will post an adventure using +Sophia Brandt’s Miso system that was specifically designed around his nap. 

But alas we do have a tired Daddy, thus I will only declare what I have been working with thus far. 

1. DunGen app: for the dungeon.

2. Modified FU for attributes and action resolution
    • I use a 1d10 on a modified d10 so that I can use the timer on the ipad or phone. 
Like this:

10- Ye gods, gods have touched thee 
9- yes, and behold
8- yes, solidly unremarkable 
7- yes, but 
6- yes, from the abyss
5- no, at yes's door  
4- no, but 
3- no, with certainty, unchanging 
2- no, and 
1- Demon have grabbed your toes 

    • I make my character with but one attribute to start. If this attribute is involved I choose the best of 2d6. 
    • If the character is challenged I 
    • If I pick up equipment or coolness I add d6 and choose the best. 
3. iPad timer for rolls (using the tenths part). When I need a number, I simply stop the timer. 

4. I simply can’t get away from the Miso system. I like to tell a story, and I may use it to create scenarios. I like something more complex than a yes or no spectrum. 

There is much more to do, and explain, but alas now the tired daddy is even more tired!