Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beholders with Offices

I had planned on doing it. Planned on diving into the solo-dungeon and finding out where Murk goes from here. Rather than this being a plea to forgive me for not continuing the saga, I think my readers (those that still click and fall under these words' spell) would appreciate a rant that we can all relate to...

The Futility of Meetings- how absolutely nothing constructive. except spending time, can be done at a meeting. There is no reason to have a meeting, not with chat rooms and skype and email. Tell me all this crap in an email, for I read all of my junk mail.

Let me explain. I had a wondrous thing planned. I had my moleskin with character and monster stats, I had a graph paper clipboard with a map of our dungeon scrawled on it. My iphone was plugged into, I was ready. My only weapon was a staff of awakening +3 armed with coffee.

Then they started talking...

They started talking of the end of the year, of grades, of being sure to do this and that. They talked of graduation and where we had to be and what we had to do. It was the mindless stuff that turns the brain into mush and zaps not only the will to work, even to teach, but the will to live. I winded up asking only one question of Murk in my journals, Is Murk wounded? I had plans of asking if this mage he encountered is a NPC or a PC (a mage would do well in this adventure, an occupational necessity). Oh such great plans, but they all mired, they all went to mush as the administrators, those beholders with offices, began to talk. I found myself in an imaginative void.

And just when things were going utterly bad, they went worse utterly worse- we were condemned to meet individually in departments. Do you know what that is like? Half a dozen people talking about what they hope to do, what they plan to do, but never really do.  Yes, my bold adventure was reduced to a list of things I need to get for the newborn!

Conclusion? That is how our creativity is killed by this damned 9 to 5 society, one that I will be glad to exit after 22 days of teaching!