Friday, March 6, 2015

Review: Dungeonism, Rogue-lite app

Mod- Dungeon is quite appealing
One thing I have learned from using Amazon and Apple, is that one can rely on the reviews. If someone is going to take the time to write something, anything, about something, in this day and age- it should be important.

For that reason I am pausing from the usual hack and slash of this blog, to review a great app- Dungeonism. This game is a modern roguel-like, though some would say it is a rogue-lite as it is rather forgiving. In the game you play an adventurer traversing a strange and distant land filled with monsters of all sorts. Truly the classics are represented here: bats, ogres, golems, spirits, ghosts- the archetypal dungeon types. Rivers and crevasses flow throughout the screen, mazes and puzzles challenge the dungeoneer. The music is great, the sound is appropriate and tends to release that rush of dopamine. The character can buy equipment, collect treasure and choose to increase a variety of skills with experience points.

By far the best thing about Dungeonism, is the graphics- not your usual fantasy pixel but a very stream-lined neon-like world. Once the player stops missing those video games of the 80's, they can sit back and really enjoy the experience of the game.

The only thing missing from Dungeonism is perhaps harder enemies or levels; and no doubt the game needs more levels, though there a hundred screens to adventure through.

For that last and only last reason, I give the game 4.5 stars. If it expands and becomes just a bit harder it would join that elite group- the only game I would have on my phone. The other being Dungeon Raid.

Anyone notice a pattern?