Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Methodology: What the hell am I doing?

Combat in a solo rpg is not the easiest thing in the world. Nor is the building of a dungeon as you go. Sure you can click a button and have a full-fledged dungeon but to have done progressively, as your character moves, is something else entirely.

For combat, I have combined four elements that shined in my experience with solo role-playing.

NOTE: Nothing gets in the way of the writing, nothing. When confronted with any of these rules, or any of the rules of an RPG and/or oracle I will choose the write, the creative flow of the words destroys any and all rules and numbers. RPG is to be used as an AID not to replace writing. 

1. The incredible GM Emulator at RPGsolo.com. This is my solo rp desk, and many times my writing desk for that matter. Most, most if not all sessions, will happen on this site. I will use primarily the Mythic buttons but the muse can point me to any button at all. Of particular interest is the Random Dungeon generation. I plan to use those custom buttons and perhaps other random dungeon generators or simply a word.

2. The descriptive rather than mathematical focus of FUDGE RPG's attributes, traits and/or characteristics. These I will use to describe my character and use him against others. He will begin with one great, two goods, three fairs and four so-so. Anything beyond that becomes mediocre or abysmal. For every plus I must provide a reason  for him being at that level. This is the scale I plan to use:

Superb Sure Thing +4
Great  Very Likely +3
Good Likely +2
Fair Slightly Likely +1
So-So +0 50/50
Poor Slightly Unlikely -1
Mediocre Unlikely -2
Terrible Very Unlikely -3
Abysmal Almost Impossible -4 

3. You will note beside the fudge-like descriptions are the Mythic descriptions. I will use those buttons on RPGsolo.com to match how my hero is performing. For example, if I ask “How does he make out in combat, I would follow the following procedure. He is a great dungeon-fighter (and I have three reasons for that) if he is up against a fair orc, I would hit the Good ‘likely’ button. If he is up against two or three, I think it would be so so if not slightly unlikely. 

4. This will give me Yes, and- Yes- No- or No, but. Here is where the inspiration begins. 

5. No inspiration I give myself license to hit a button on rpgsolo.com, use a story image, grab a rune, grab a card, look out beyond the window until something grabs me. Again, RPG as fuel for writing, not visa versa!

6. I have not crossed the bridge of hit points or magic saves or anything of that nature. Why? Quite frankly it seems to get in the way of the writing. But if things change I will let me patient readers know. 

Next up: The character, Murkstav, an old dungeoneer from my play-by-post days!