Thursday, March 28, 2013


   The Dungeon crawl still calls. I still judge people by STRENGTH, INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM, DEXTERITY, CONSTITUTION, and (the attribute that everyone always neglected, and got friend by a charm spell) CHARISMA. My characters, my imagination is shaped by the sheets and games of my teenage life in the 80's.
   Ye Gods I miss it.
 Sometimes you just felt it, felt the cravings. In times of stress, when classes are too much or things are just getting to me. I crave it, I need to dive. I do not need to literally play an action hero (the line is clearly drawn just before the rather terrifying LARPing) but to generate a character, roll for attributes, pick skills, buy equipment, and jump into a dungeon.
   A torch in hand, a sword, a staff, an adventurer’s kit and hordes of evil defending fabulous treasure. The image of the AD&D book, warriors wondering if the fat demon statue can be robbed of its treasure, dwells constantly in my mind. There is something and secure, nostalgic of my teen-age years in a dungeon invested with unearthed arcana?
   To this day all of my journals are graph paper. I find bliss, caress, sacred coziness in those perpendicular times, they take me back to the days that we played D&D in the back of chemistry lab-during a dissection (for nothing inspires a dungeon crawl like a split open frog on a black pan in front of you.         
   Yes we got so desperate we made dice out of the pencils and left-over aluminum foil from lunch.
   Yes, I crave it. I have looked through bookstores and online playing facilities looking for the perfect game, the perfect story, and nothing has enjoyed my fantasy, or captured my hope. While I do crave it, there is just something inherently scary about people over 30 or 40 playing a game you loved as a teenager. Something is just out of whack, something is not right there.
   Thus the dilemma (and I know I am getting tired of writing when the paragraphs become shorter and shorter) to write the story, write the book dare I say, that I want to read. To write the game that I would like to play. And yes throughout the journey I just may, perhaps there will be dice involved, mostly 6 sides lovelies to assist me in this journey. I will use just about every random thing I can think of, from dice to darts to cards and even omens. A definite divination dungeon and that is what it is going to be.
   So for anyone that has had a dungeon craving, here we go. It should be bliss on a monstrous and grand scale.
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